Spotlight Movie Review Part 2

Spotlight Movie Review Part 2

People often lose their faith in religion, morality and law, respectively, within the face of the sin committed by a spiritual person, the immorality of an ethical person, or the injustice caused by the judge. Because neither the faith, the moral order nor the legal order could make sure that these people that represent him and who are respected within the society for this reason, obey the principles of the order they represent. within the face of this example, which is paying homage to the proverb “Fish stinks from the head”, it should be considered normal for a concrete mistake made by an individual to shake the idea and trust within the whole of abstract rules.

Consider a father with two children. Let the daddy teach both of his children from the day they’re born that killing people may be a very bad thing. After years, one child becomes a murderer and also the other doesn’t kill anyone for the remainder of his life. during this case, in charge the daddy for his murderer son; Or should he be praised for his child who never killed anyone?

Robots only have the maximum amount intelligence as they’re programmed, no emotion. Animals act in line with their instincts, their minds are within the background. Neither robots nor animals will be expected to create a choice between reason and instinct. Therefore, no punishment is given to a lion that kills an individual’s being. Because there’s no choice, there is no punishment or reward. However, personalities have both reason and instincts because of their existence. This dilemma starts a war that lasts from the instant he knows himself to the day he dies. This possibility of choice also neutralizes the “There is evil in our nature” defense, which is usually employed by someone who commits evil. Because although there’s evil in attribute, man also incorporates a mind to confirm that he doesn’t choose that evil. Moral rules, religion and laws, sort of a chain attached to forestall the person from obeying his instincts, cause the person to settle on the rational one, and also the dirty things he desires It aims to suppress their desires. In a sense, it tries to limit attribute. However, thanks to the liberty of choice, an individual makes a choice within his mind and can.

Neither the clergy nor the judges, nor the one who is predicted to be the foremost moral, isn’t a creature superior to man. Therefore, no clergyman, judge or morally known person is expected to not fight this election battle between the person and what Freud describes because the battle of the id and also the superego. However, thanks to the mechanisms (religion, morality, law) that limit the attribute they represent, these people, who are respected by the community, have a greater obligation to limit their vile and dirty instincts compared to people. Therefore, the penalties should be heavier and also the rewards should be greater. These people, who receive the greater reward with the respect that the society has for them, don’t seem to be given enough punishment by the community or the law. within the movie, this case is shown with the topic of protecting child abusive priests and covering up the abuse. The silence of each a part of the society within the face of this case causes the priests to commit the crime of kid abuse more easily. The exposure of this scandal with an amazing journalistic success has undoubtedly led to a decrease in these events. The films deserve additional praise, as Spotlight (2015) and El Club (2015) have addressed this issue and both films have returned with awards or nominations from festivals, bringing public attention to the problem.

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