The Magnificant Seven Analysis

When Kurosawa shot the 1954 film “Seven Samurai,” he didn’t expect it to inspire many directors within the Hollywood industry. Although this film shot by the world’s best director has left a deep mark within the history of the large screen, its copying effect has become greater and greater, reaching the connection dimension we call the Western Series. This movie was filmed by John Sturges in 1960 and is termed “The Magnificent Seven”, as a Hollywood adaptation of “Seven Samurai” with its unique equipment. Make a splash on the large screen. the wonderful weapons of the time like Eli Valach, Steve McQueen and Yul Brynner appeared in Sturgis’ masterpieces, all over again proving that Kurosawa was a screen genius. Antoine Fuqua, who caused a world sensation with the films “Shooter”, “King Arthur” and “Tears of the Sun”, followed within the footsteps of the series again in 2016, and under the name of “The Magnificent Seven”, Denzel Washington was the lead for the Western series. there’s a technological breakthrough, Chris Pratt, Ethan Hawke, Vincent D`Onofrio and Peter Sarsgaard do successful business in their name. I should denote that the assembly that debuted at the 41st Toronto fete is totally different from the replay.

Now, if we pass the assembly lens in 1960 and therefore the proposed project in 2016, we are able to have a transparent picture. it’s replaced by the gang of Mexican assassins within the old series, and also the white capitalist captured by the unarmed during this series is that the first attractive element. Bouge is that the leader of a gaggle of gold mining predators. He threatened the defenseless little town of Rose Creek within the West and asked the townspeople to depart their lands in three weeks. When there are seven men defending them, the desperation of the neighbors will reach another level. A hired cowboy named Sam Chilsom fought to regain the city’s reputation, and also the conflict between greedy and brutal (Western) capitalists revealed the difference between this film and therefore the old production. The threat of squinting Indians or terrible Mexicans became a threat of northern wealth covered in money (blood). once we watched this movie, we encountered a distinct thematic structure, kind of like the story of the famous American gangster felon.
Bounty hunters, gamers, former Confederate soldiers, and cowboys formed by hired squint gunners engaged in bloody battles with Bartholomew Borg’s men and formally prepared for the invasion of the military. Denzel Washington plays Sam Chilson. he’s wearing black and a Bolero hat. He has saved his character several times with the knowledge he has brought within the past and reached perfection within the movie. within the half of the subject, Chilson, who wanted to vary the title of an assassin and become a hero next to the helpless and helpless, will concentrate on this career that originally started with money. In any case, when partnered with Chris Pratt and Josh Faraday, Washington’s performance made sense. Ethan Hawke’s role in “Good Night Robinson” has a stimulating beard trimming, which is a crucial problem that has to be solved along with his mysterious personality.

This movie is a few group of individuals playing the West movie game with guns, arrows and bows. you must concentrate on the movie, put the perception of your time and space in your mind rather than trying to find too many details about the topic. Antoine Fuqua, a black director born in 1966, successfully followed within the footsteps of Akira Kurosawa and brought his role to life with flashback technology. But we don’t experience flashbacks in images, we’ve this character-based perception of speech and pictures. Inspired by the story of Japanese samurai helping poor villagers who were often attacked by armed bandits “nobushi” within the 16th century, combined with the story of cowboys gathering to shield the poor. similar to within the movie. The plot is reflected within the hands of two important screenwriters like Richard Wink and Nick Pizzolatto, indicating that this can be a awfully good novel, and therefore the look and feel it creates isn’t parallel to the assembly in 1960. a minimum of while there are more bloody conflicts, the intermediate scenario doesn’t hide the similarities with what the planet is experiencing today. How similar is that the struggle between the poor Anatolian villagers and therefore the rich Turkish those that want to create HEPP that slaughters nature and therefore the world created by Kurosawa, isn’t it?
Although the film features the outstanding role of Denzel Washington, as we all know it, the film’s only name, Chris Pratt, appears on the golden plate. Director Fuqua didn’t make the error of “Yes, i have to single out this role” among the seven people, because he only focuses on the excellence between the nice and also the bad of the plot. Jasmes Horner, Mauro Fiore Exciting music the attractive perspective you create in your images brings us into the Western world. Watch the flicks one by one, starting with Akira Kurosawa’s “Seven Samurai”, then John Sturgis, then to the foremost recent Antoine Fuqua’s “The Magnificent Seven” and learn the way Fuqua Bring a revolution.

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